© 2014 unknown music. All Rights Reserved.

© 2014 unknown music. All Rights Reserved.


Experiments and improvisations with live sounds that, with some guidance, create their own shapes and spaces.

A Yamaha MT 120S 4-Track cassette recorder, an Alesis Quadraverb, a Hohner ST 59, Fender Precision, Realistic 33-1080, a rented Shure SM-58, a violin bow, a stove pipe, various pots, pans, bowls, and a milk jug were used to make this music.

Created/assembled/recorded/produced/mixed Sept. 1994 to Jan. 1995 at Le Trap, Virginia, U.S.A..

Remastered Oct. 2007 and touched up July 2014.

Connected to inbetween and one minus one.

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